We provide mobile technology for visitors to explore the museum collections interactively by discovering new artifacts and related descriptions

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This on-the-go discovery and engagement seamlessly adds to the actual visit information and multimedia about the exhibits that visitors like. With options to follow up and share among platforms and devices, the visitors curate their own collections and, at the same time, generate new content for personal or public access.



We offer museums a portal for uploading content about their exhibits and making these materials available for web access. Our services include management tools for data updates and automated curation from public repositories.


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Cornell Plantations

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Cornell Plantations

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Cornell Plantations

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Cornell Plantations

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Curate your own collections. Take pictures and videos. Comment. Share.

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Museum artifacts come to life through stories connected to the people of today and shared via social outlets and public repositories

The museums are places of discovery and bonding to our past. As we live in a disconnected present, our traditions and feelings continue to dim in the daily whirlwind. Time and again, we seek our memories, yearning to understand where do we come from and where are we set to go. In our search, we visit places where the world memories are being preserved. When we visit museums, we have the choice to unravel and follow those memories that interest and inspire us.

We believe that technology can give new dimensions to this search and discovery, by augmenting the time lapses and the artifacts with multimedia and immersive experiences. It is a privilege for us to find technical innovations that serve both the general public and the museums, by building a collective museum memory across time and places.

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Collective Museum Memory

We build technology designed to arise the memories stored in museums and give them to the people using intuitive storytelling tools. These are memories that align people's past and future with the everyday moments of their lives.

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